Stress Management


Care for Carers

Stress Management for Carers

As carers it is vital that first and foremost you learn to take care of yourself. Carers often experience a high level of stress in relation to their caring responsibilities.


Care for Carers provides a rolling programme of Stress Management services to carers which will help you to learn ways of looking after your physical and emotional health and well-being.




You will :


· Learn about breathing, relaxation and meditation techniques.

· Find out how stress affects your body and mind.

· Learn to become more aware of how stress affects you.

· Learn quick ways of dealing with it and a plan for the longer term.

Current Stress Management Services


Stress Management and Relaxation Course :


If you are interested in this course or on putting your name down for the next course either return the booking form or contact Care for Carers. Please refer to the ‘ Leaflets & Forms ‘ page for more information.



Therapy Appointments :


These appointments are subsidised by Care for Carers so that carers can be offered a professional service at a competitive price locally. The service gives carers a one to one hour long appointment with a qualified Aromatherapist / Reflexologist / Bach Flower Therapist at Care for Carers St Margaret’s House. There is a contribution for this service, with the carer paying the therapist between £15-£25 depending on the session requested, at the time of meeting. In recognition of how things have changed very quickly at home for carers there is no charge if you are late, have to cancel or are unable to attend the appointment. Check the ‘Newsletter‘ page to see when the next dates for therapy appointments are. To make an appointment contact Care for Carers directly.